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I came across a website called   chelscloset.   It looks like she carries most online fashion from the Q and HSN. 

Prices are alot cheaper, but she does charge for shipping,  I did order a item and it was perfect. 

Take a look at this site. 

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@Rooney I have seen Chel's Closet items listed on Ebay also. 

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I have ordered from this site on ebay. I have been happy with all of my purchases. 


I have bought a lot of Dennis Basso items from there. Most of my items had free shipping too.  

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I've ordered from her before, she's reliable, has fast shipping and she prices items well, I like her.

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I've bought from that site many times....always great success. 

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I believe she's also a third party vendor on the Walmart website.  She seems to get around.

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Re: fashion site

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I bought a pr of earth origins boots from this site that are sold here for a lot more. They actually originated from amazon. Don't know if she has a 'booth' on ebay or not but I think she buys up stuff and resells it as my boots look worn ie someone had them because the leather is marred lightly here and there. I think this is why her prices on stuff is considerably less.

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I have two sellers on ebay from whom I have had 100% luck on Breezies bras. I've never dared recommend them because I figured I'd get poofed.  They are craigsplace99 and *safinas*.  So here goes, I hope I don't wreck your thread.  

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Bought from her Ebay store. Lots of QVC/HSN choices. Her prices are fair, quality of clothing is good and she is a fast shipper.
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Is this stuff new or used?