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it occurs to me that they can put Shawn on PM Style - which is fine with me as i enjoy her -- they can move Jayne and Pat to the evening - but it is basically rearranging the same old same old if they don't bring in new designers, new life. not to take away from Isaac or George S or LOGO all the time (enough already) - but we can all pretty much give the line up of any show in advance - new stuff, Q == new stuff!

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I am enjoying these ladies so much tonight. They are a breath of fresh air! I am laughing all the way with them. My kids are all out with friends. My hubby is watching hockey. Jayne and Pat are keeping me laughing!! LOVE IT!

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Mtnbikegirl...totally agree with you.
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Count me in ~ enjoying! Love Jayne & Pat!
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I like the hosts but... PM Fashion has gone from sophisticated style to soccer mom. I'm disappointed.