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Re: disappointed in Denim and company

@SilleeMee wrote:

This D&C fleece w/sherpa coat comes in 9 different colors:


@so so 

72 dollars, are they crazy!

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Re: disappointed in Denim and company

I agree! If D & Co. would stick to a few basics, and use their more successful prints to add variety, they wouldn't have to charge as much and they would still sell plenty.


My biggest disappointment is in the RAYON / MODAL / THIN FABRIC junk being produced by all fashion companies! Those are great looking - on 10 year olds! Anyone in their money-making years, can't wear them due to cellulite and fat rolls!  (just because your models can, don't think the average woman can)


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Re: disappointed in Denim and company

Yes, me too ... I've been disappointed for a while now.  I've been buying Denim & Co. for years and years and years and truth be told, some of my most favoite clothing items are D & Co from many moons ago.

The line has definitely changed and I rarely find anything anymore ... they discontinued some of their staple items (bootcut leggings are my "uniform"), moved away from the "perfect jersey" (cotton/spandex) fabric (that is pretty darn perfect in my opinion), make everything incredibly long (yes, I am a petite who can no longer get away with their regular lengths) and raised the prices (not just a little but a lot).

This line is no longer the competitively priced classic/basics line it once was where you were happy to "buy more than one" and collect a bunch of colors.  They need to return to their heritage.

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Re: disappointed in Denim and company

Me too but also for different reasons. They put in 4 to 5% Spandex into almost everything, which ruins the garment. It ends up feeling like rubber and is hard on the skin. Also their sizing is wild.