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I got a response from cs about my complaint regarding backorder of my wk pants ,part of my very large order that I plan to return if they can not get their act together.It was the usual ,sorry,we are trying to get more blah blah blah,.Oh,by the way.if you are going to return the rest of your order,please do so within 10 days!!!!

They can not get it to me within 10 days but I should make sure to return it in that amount of time.Wow.they continue to amaze me

To everyone who offered advice on using a debit or cc.This is what I have always done in the past.It still does not guarantee that your order will be filled.Mine has not the last 2 times Linea has been on.If I do put it on a debit card,than a hold is placed on the card ,then if the item is not available the hold comes off.Only to be put back on at some arbritary time they decide to ship the merchandise.It is a pain to keep track of.If you accept a check than that should be it.I do not put things on check hold and not follow through .

the simple truth is that qvc is no longer the company it used to be