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@Zhills wrote:

Why was it a mistake if they fixed or replaced them.  The tassel does not affect the fit!


Sounds like QVC went beyond their published return policy.


Update on my Clark's loafers issue[ New ]

I had a pair break on the first wearing - clearly defective. I bought them in July though and the color was no longer available so I was in a quandry. I saw them presented on air and the burgundy was again available so I called customer service and they could not have been any nicer. I can return at full refund including S&H. The replacement pair are already on their way, problem solved.

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She has very selective memory!  Been proven over and over!

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Zulily frequently has good deals on Clark's.  I recently got a pair of the "unconstructed" shoes that QVC sells for $120+ for $49.  They are very nice, much more so than the regular Clark's.  They are even the highly sought-after burgundy color.

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They're very comfortable. I bought two pairs at the outlet store. The only drawback is the tread wears out pretty quick and turns them into ice skates!
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@Zhills wrote:

She has very selective memory!  Been proven over and over!

 ALWAYS. Loves to complain.