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i noticed carolyn wearing a walking boot? did she say what happened?

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she pulled a door open and it moved faster than she moved her foot.


broken toe

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@TheMemphisVette Broken toes are so painful and really nothing you can do

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Re: carolyn's foot???

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An 85 pound Weimaraner dog sat of my foot and broke a toe a few years ago.  Ouch.  The irony is that I was on my feet as a teacher for about 35 years and never had foot problems before the incident with the huge dog.  The toe just healed on its own.

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That's too bad right before her vacation.  I figured she and hubby are taking their new RV out for an extended road trip.  She said she'd be gone for 3 Tuesdays and now broken toes.  Not much fun but they'll probably still have a good time.  She can sit around the campfire and make s'mores.

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