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Some ladies really prefer the caftan style.  It is loose fitting and comfortable, so could be a great choice in hot summer days.


I like the pretty Tolani colors, but in the summer I show more skin.


Perhaps in another few weeks the top may be reduced.


I also really like Johnny Was colors and designs, but the prices on the clothing are rather high.  I own one gorgeous velvet shirt!

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@Millishops How much would I pay? Good question. Actually my post wasn't about the style of the top,etc it was about the top. Sooo I would not even pay a dollar for it. It is ugly.

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Wouldn't pay 50 cents for it.  Looks cheaply made.  Fabric too thin.  Patterns don't line up at the seams.  Edging and hem are too narrow.  Would make me look 10 lbs heavier.  Don't like any of the prints or modal fabric.