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Re: a bit of bootcut, please

On 10/5/2014 happy housewife said:

Those jeans only look good on women built like this model.How many women are built like a model?

If you have good legs you can wear them. Very few are built like models. I have 33" hips with a small waist. But I'm a midget in height compared to them. About 90% of women in their twenties certainly can. And less but a large percent of those in their 30's (I am) and 40's who still can. Boot cut is the same. You want to look cute in jeans (no matter what the leg cut) you better have some cute hips on you. Jeans reveal hips like no other piece of clothing. If you don't have the hips or cute butt on you, they have to covered up by long tops/jackets, boot cut or skinny. Trousers are different. I wear high waisted, loose dress pants. It's NOT the leg cut.