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Zendaya Served A Look

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Zendaya’s latest look is definitely a serve.


The actress, 27, attended the premiere of her upcoming film, “Challengers,” in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday, stepping out in a gorgeous tennis-themed gown and debuting a lighter hair color.


The low-cut, green sequined gown was a custom Loewe design and featured a statement-making graphic of a tennis player hitting a ball apropos of the sporty flick, which sees the star as a former player caught in a love triangle between her husband and her ex.


As Zendaya posed for the camera, she let her leg peek out of a thigh-high slit, showing off a pair of coordinating green pumps that finished the look.





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Zendaya looks so pretty! I love the green and purple sparkly dress and the heels! Smiley Happy

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She is GORGEOUS in that beautiful shade of green!❤ The  hair color, the makeup, the gown, the shoes, the earrings-PERFECTION!💝💝



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She is a stunning, beautiful young woman.

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Very pretty!


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Re: Zendaya Served A Look

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@Greeneyedlady21     I love the way she's put together, too...head to toe.


This "leg out" thing became popular when Angelina Jolie did that stance on the red carpet years ago. It seems now it's a very standard pose.

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I think she looks absolutely stunning!💝🌸

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Such a pretty dress!! She’s beautiful! I’d like it even more without the purple on the bottom, though.
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Beautiful! She alwasy looks so put together. Love the dress and she wears it beautifully...Hair, makeup-perfection.

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I have never seen or heard of her but she looks lovely in that dress.  What a winner.

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