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DD buys cute items for the DGCs from Z, but not often. She says Carters is best for daily life with constant washing.

She has purchased some for herself... I will ask her for more info. I think she did say that one has to check the site often as merchandise is changed often(?)

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I've downloaded the ipad Zulily app so I can see what they are selling. I never surf their website with my browser because they want you to set up an account first.


So far just doing a looksee with their app I'm not impressed. I looked at the Delta Burke underwear on Zulily. That brand used to be sold at Zellers in Canada before HBC closed all of their stores. Then I saw the brand at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Winners in Canada and the brand was ok, but nothing special. It's plus sized lingerie that I don't see sold in Canada anymore. I'm going to guess that this line is manufactured for TJX so I'm wondering if thid brand is being manufactured for Zulily too.

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@Kachina624, I have bought from Zulily in the past, carefully. Last month I got a steal on a pair of Fly London boots, luckily they fit as I hadn't tried on this brand and they were non-returnable. I spent an hour looking at their clothes yesterday, and every single piece that interested me was non-returnable. I do buy kids' clothing there because fit isn't as critical. Too big? They will grow into it. Too small? It will fit little sister. 


My my fear is that with Z now under Q ownership, Q will decide it will be another point to unload their as-is and clearance items.

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Re: ZULILY and the Q

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@MaggieMack I agree with you. I looked at Crocs shoes the Busy Day style since I bought them this summer however every single thing I looked at had a no return policy. I do believe that applied to most of what I looked at, so no go for me.


I saw some RFID armored wallets from Fig that I thought I might like but at $5.95 a pop shipping, I said "nope", just not going to pay that much for something that can be slipped into a small padded envelope and shiiped out for $1.50. 



ETA: Yikes! I just checked out what's new today. I wonder if the Q knew they would be selling risque lingerie a la Fredericks of Hollywood. I guess I am too prudish for some of this stuff, The store is called Burlesque Fashion

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