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The pants are interesting. The top, I don't understand. Why that gray blanket fabric and why that location and in that shape? Maybe the gray material is heat resistant and you can use the trailing corner as a potholder?

Seems like an intellectual line, maybe.

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I like it on the model, but I wouldn't buy anything like it for me. I might wear it once, perhaps twice, then end up donating it. I'm trying to only buy clothing now, that I can see myself wanting to wear often.
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On 8/17/2014 ECBG said:

This is the Sympli line. I got an invitation from a boutique on a trunk show. I don't know the price point, but this picture was attractive. Unless you're awfully thin a lot of fabric really can look bad though. It's Logo elevated, which I don't care for, some of this is pared down and I do like this one. Google image this company. Quite interesting.

Double Take Jumper by Sympli

My thoughts? OK, I'm gonna be honest and not diplomatic:


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The top and pants should be separate, not worn together, IMO. I like the styles in the other photos, though.

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I just don't like anything about this ""look"". It almost looks like a jumpsuit.

I do like the shoes!

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Nothing wrong with being honest! Although I wouldn't go so far as to say it's hideous, I do have to respect that some people might think so.

I wonder why we can't also express our opinions about Logo in this way? Is that because Logo is sold on QVC?

(and yes, I know many people have said they think the Logo line is bad...but they get attacked and labeled for doing so)

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Nope..not feelin' it. Worse than Logo. However,if it's your style,go for it.
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I love it!!

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Not my thing, for sure