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The model's cute and I like the shoes. The pants might work for a dressy occasion but the top looks like part of an ironing board cover. Maybe a Project Runway segment of ""use what you find in the laundry room.""

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Well.......I can appreciate the creativity; it is different. Too different for my tastes. The softly contrasting panel under the bust and covering the tummy area reminds me somehow of the ""tummy panel"" you sometimes see on teddy bears and other stuffed animals! I like some of the less flamboyant versions in the other pictures more. This line Definitely shares some genes with Logo.

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I don't like it all..the long sides could get caught in an escalator wall or in

an elevator door..and she looks like she's leaning to one side..

I am sorry I think it is just bland.

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I can't imagine a "real" woman wearing this, only a model on a runway.
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Looks like a style that only a very tall thin person could wear.

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On 8/17/2014 Colonel Meow said:

The pants aren't attractive, and are quite distracting from the top. I would like to see the top paired with something else before I could say if I liked it or not. (But really, those pants are just awful!) {#emotions_dlg.unsure}

I, on the other hand, think the top detracts from the pants. I could see the pants with a cumberband waist worn with a white shirt (tucked in, of course), sort of styled like Katharine Hepburn.

The top is just too, too, too asymmetrical for me.

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The pants in the first picture look like ones I wore in the 60s. The style was one flat fabric that went back, through your legs and tied in the front to form a wrap around look in pants. Sort of harem pants. The top is ugly.

Question!?! Why are pregnant women wearing tight clothes and non pregnant women wearing loose, maternity type tops?

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Everyone has different taste, and I tend toward the less cutting-edge. However, she looks like her clothes got all tangled up when she was trying to put them on.

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On 8/17/2014 ECBG said:

This is the Sympli line. I got an invitation from a boutique on a trunk show. I don't know the price point, but this picture was attractive. Unless you're awfully thin a lot of fabric really can look bad though. It's Logo elevated, which I don't care for, some of this is pared down and I do like this one. Google image this company. Quite interesting.

Double Take Jumper by Sympli

I'm going to have to look up that line. I'm going against the flow here, I know, but I really like both pieces, just not together. They would be great separated - the tunic with the same heather grey leggings. The pants are beautiful, but the tunic cuts the flow of the panels. They could go black tie with a black or white silk or sequin top. Depending on how the top of the pants look, either tucked in or mid-hip.

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Or leather top or jacket

G.I.L.I. Sleeveless Leather Top with Ponte Knit Side Panels

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Thanks for posting. It was fun looking up styles to go with the pants.

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{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown} That original outfit is awful... in every way, but each to their own.

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