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Don't like LOGO and this is even worse!!!

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It looks similar to something I just saw on Project Runway.

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One of the stores in our Galleria carries this line of clothing. They aren't all quite as "couture" as that pictured above. Some of these tops could work nicely with leggings, but they are pricey.


Sympli - 3/4 Sleeve Soft Pocket Tunic - Black


Sympli - Soft Chakra Tunic - Black


Sympli - Duodiva Top - Black

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This would be a big NO

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It's quite unattractive.

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Are they featuring that outfit in Harper's Bizarre?

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Harper's Bizarre.-not a good look, imho.

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Oh my. Not something I could pull off.

Now the one below is something I might like if it was fitted thru chest and upper waist. I just can carry off anything too loose and flowy thru the middle and over hips (aka Lori's stuff). I also can't wear the baby doll stuff...nor the empire waist tops. I think they can be cute as all get out...I just can't wear the look.

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Speechless- and not in a good way!

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The pants aren't attractive, and are quite distracting from the top. I would like to see the top paired with something else before I could say if I liked it or not. (But really, those pants are just awful!) {#emotions_dlg.unsure}