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Re: Your thoughts on NYDJ Jeans?

Surprisingly...Nordstrom Rack ended up being the best place to buy NYDJ jeans that I found by doing a lot of research.


I actually ordered  the recent offering of these jeans (Ami Stretch Skinny Jeans) from QVC and then had buyer remorse because I ordered a 134.00 pair of jeans on a whim. I loved the fit of these jeans when I received them and thought I had better check out what I could find in the way of price and boy was I shocked. I ended up buying the same identical pair I got from QVC for $56 and the only difference was the color. The QVC order I received was for the color Mabel and the color I ordered from Nordstrom Rack was a color called Nantes which is slightly lighter in color and a color I liked better than "Mabel" which would be difficult to wear in the summer.


Amazon would probably be the best place to buy them if you can find what you want in your size. They have a program now for Prime members where you can order a minimum of 3 items and keep them for a month before they charge you and if you decide to return them, they will come & pick them up & you get full credit for them and free shipping both ways. Can't beat that..But  I do have to say that often it's difficult to know who you're dealing with on Amazon when they have other merchants selling the product although often it's being shipped by Amazon.  Whew!!! Shopping is indeed getting difficult.