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Re: Your "go to" Tee

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@BaileyBop wrote:

Can someone recommend a tee that won't shrink or pill.  Scoop neck would be nice too.  I wear a tee a lot of the time but am sick of the pilling and shrinking.  Most of mine are from Kohl's and am ready to spend some serious bucks for some that last.  I also like tees that are not too thin or thick.  TIA



I like St John’s Bay tees from JCP. All cotton, all sleeve lengths, different necklines, tons of new colors every season... they wash beautifully, never pill, always look like new, good weight. Almost always on sale, coupons, etc. I always pay under $10 and often less than $5. 

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Great question!  I’m also on the hunt for tops that are not paper thin and clingy.  I just bought a long sleeve T from American Giant.  Very nice quality....pricey though.  There hoodie jackets are stellar.

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I have lots of inexpensive tops from Kohls - and have been wearing them for many years - perfect!!! I like that u find ways to keep ur tops going - after they've been abused. I also don't like to waste money.

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I would have to say Chicos’s and Talbots make my favorite T-shirts. Never any shrinking, fading or piling. I get them on sale and they last forever. Worth the price.
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Most of my tees are from Kohls. I like the Croft & Barrow brand. They are substantial and hold up well for me when washed in cold water and dried on low heat. I also have a few from JCP St. John’s Bay brand, but they are thinner. I recently picked up a few Faded Glory tees from Wal-Mart, and I like them for layering. The longer length stays tucked in under a pull over sweater, but they are thin. 

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@on the bay wrote:


Well, believe it or not, I get most of mine from Walmart.

Surprisingly they have all never pilled, or shrank; keep their color and most of them are breathable!

Plus they have lots of nice colors and the extra bonus are very inexpensive, like most t-shirts should be!They have v-neck and scoop neck but I wish they had square neck, more crew neck and even sweetheart and ballet.

I can throw them in the washer ,then dry on high with all my other clothes too.

I've had a more expensive one from the gap that didn't last as well.


@on the bay   @BaileyBop


I also have a couple Walmart tees, but would never put them in the dryer. I have better quality cotton tops for summer, and would never leave them in the dryer for more than 5-10 minutes.  Put them on a hanger and let them air dry.   Dryer heat breaks down fibers ... just as bleach and some laundry additives can also do.


As one poster said .... you get what you pay for.  If Bailey is experiencing shrinkage, she's leaving them in the dryer too long.  

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I bought this Halston tee in gray and eventually went back for black and white.  It hangs beautifully and feels just slighted elevated.  I've been surprised how often I go to it to wear under jackets as well as on its own.