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Susan,. I love your clothes. I have been wearing them since you first came on QVC. They have traveled with me all over the world. My question is: you say you are exclusive to QVC. However, I've seen you clothes on Amazon and Ebay. Can you explain. Another Susan
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Amazon is made up of hundreds of sellers and you can find all kinds of items on there. EBay is the same too. Anyone can sell just about everything on there.....Coach bags, camping gear,....anything from a to z. New items and antiques (especially ebay). EBay is like an online auction site but you don't have to bid...they have a "buy it now" option too.

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QVC sells returns and leftovers in bulk. People buy them and re-sell on eBay. There's a shop nearby me that sells QVC, HSN and leftovers from various department stores.