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I seem to be drawn to yellows this spring, especially the golden yellows. I wouldn't wear it from head to toe, but maybe a blouse with shoes or a purse with pants. Or even purse and a necklace. The last few years it has been turquoise  and before that it was orange. Is there a color you are drawn to this year?















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I've been admiring this Vince Camuto sweater with laced-back detail:





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Oh I love this sweater @handygal !

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So pretty and summery looking.....I love Yellow!

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Colors seem to go in cycles and there hasn’t been yellow recently.  Nice to see it.

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I like yellow, such a "happy" color, I think. I placed my annual new tee-shirt order recently and one was yellow.
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I did a lot of yellow last year and a few winter sweaters. So, I do have a lot of yellow in the closet. At the moment, I’m being drawn to chambrays which is strange because I generally avoid anything blue.
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@ladycos  I love yellow. Our LR is a pale yellow, it's just a happy color.


To answer your question - lately I've been drawn to a sort of softer apple green.  Never was before but this year I'm drawn to it.  Wearing this today from AT, they call it "willow green":



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@ladycos  YES!! I'm craving anything yellow this year, just like you! Maybe I'm willing spring/summer to come quickly, but yellow is slowly making its way into my closet Smiley Happy


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I kind of like this one from the DressBarn


Image result for dressbarn BORDER-PRINTED WRAP TOP



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