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@Re: Wow, Isaac's prices!!!

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@Kachina624  Same with Judith Ripka.  These designers might show up to sell....but don't design.


@Kachina624 I'm sure you are aware of has been mentioned over the years since these designers sold out...but I guess there are new posters or just those not aware of the change. 


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Isaac and Susan sell their merchandise in bulk by the thousands. That's why we expect BETTER prices than stores with a door.

@febe1 QVC owns the SG brand.  Graver doesn't sell her merchandise to QVC.  Isaac also sold his brand several years ago. 


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I just won't do it.

'I have been doing most of my shopping "in person" now. Prices are better. (Usually)

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@febe1   NOt just IM but Graver too, her stuff is insanely HIGH priced. Come on - liquid knit is liquid knit is liquid knit - it's ALL the same, simple tops and pants cost you now over $100 to put just ONE outfit together. When I worked, Graver made me look so good at such very reasonable prices. I looked good and felt great in a top, pants and a jacket for $60-$70. No one can do that now.


Kim Gravel's pricetags increased dramatically and fast too. She's priced her goods out of pocketbooks as well.


Just to name three here.







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I find most of the lines too high for me to justify. Of course I am retired and have way more clothes than I do occasions to wear them. If I worked where I needed to look fashionable it may make me shop more. 


 I do check out any true sales like lunchtime specials and the fashion blowouts. 


I watch many of the presentations thinking if an item I lust after goes on sale I may  buy.


I do get a good laugh at times when the designer usually I.M. or Susan Graver feign shock at the low sale price = usually $5. off or in a B&M store you would add $100. to their priceSmiley Surprised


Personally I like the quailty of what I have purchased from D&Co especially the way the stripes or plaids are matched. I have always been satisfied with SG's coats , but only buy when truly marked down this year.

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@febe1 wrote:

Is the CEO trying to make monies just on Isaac? His prices are ridiculous. I get all the catalogs, and he's up on everything. He's way overpricing his Pima cotton. And his cashmere looks a little thin. I don't think people love cashmere as they once did. And his puffed vest. Come on, both Isaac and Susan Graver are so over priced, they're unreal. Those turtle neck's can be bought anywhere for at least $10. less with no S&H.

I understand there's inflation, and retailers want to catch up with Covid on the mend, but I don't think this inflation is going to do it.

@febe1 Inflation is here.  Don't you love it?  Woman Sad

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QVC' s clothing prices were always going up long before inflation. Luckily there are plenty of options online and in person for clothing, at much better prices. I am an experienced bargain shopper.

So if you need or want clothing try other options if you are able.
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I am sure Isaac raised his prices, so QVC then buys a lot and raises their prices.


I refuse to pay $50 for a turtleneck, I don't care if his are nice or not. I thought they were expensive when they started off at $34, then $38., now up to $40?


Both QVC and Isaac can afford to absorb this short term (hopefully) inflation period. I fear they will keep the prices right up there, and then air them back at the old lower prices and call it "a sale" (Not fear, I know they will).


QVC is getting shady with their pricing.

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Have you checked out the prices on Logo lately?  Lori is another vendor who sold her brand in the past year and prices have zoomed upward.  She'll have to keep it;  too many of us can't afford $75 for a top or $65+ for a pair of pants. 

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I think "Oh that's cute" is going to change more to "Do I really need those."

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I think alot of shoppers willl be cutting back on spending that much for their clothing.....