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I think it's a gorgeous jacket, and I love the color, although the sleeves are too big.


But for me the fabric is a no-go, because I don't wear wool or silk.


Agree with @sidsmom about a haircut.

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I have a very similar jacket I purchased from Talbot's about 7 years ago.  I wear it occasionally.  Mine is camel.  I would not wear anything in the depiction other than the jacket.  I do like the color. It is not styled right with that outfit.  My friend who lives in another town and has another set of friends and clubs bought a periwinkle one when I bought the camel one.  She weighs about 100 pounds and looks gorgeous in it.  She wears it with stove-pipe leg pants.  I wear mine with tailored midi skirt.  This jacket would look good if a stylist who was not trying to make a name for himself/herself would style it properly instead of trying to be ridiculous in order to get attention.

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@magicmoodz wrote:

Not for me. I know big sleeves are trending, but paired with all the tailoring on the front of the jacket it simply looks ill-fitting and sloppy.


Even if a style I loved, the color is a deal breaker for me.


exactly! the sleeves seem really illmatched to the rest of the jacket! No one element is bad on its own but together it makes little (fashion) sense.

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The sleeves are not a shape I like.  The pick makes it look I'll fitting.  I li ki e the color, although not a color I would wear.

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This is possibly one of my best colors to wear.


I would love it in a more traditional cut.

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This may be a repeat, but the sleeves are too bulky.

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Jacket- Yes.  Love the color and style. 


Pants, Shoes (horrible) and top, not a chance. 

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I actually like all the pieces in the photos, but I'd never wear them all at once.  The color of that jacket is definitely my color.  Smiley Happy