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Like the style and usually like purple but this is too bright.  AND too expensive even on sale!!!



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If I was going to spend $400 on something,
I would spend it on getting a good haircut*.

*top photo

Amazing how the 'naked basics' make/break everything.

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Love everything about it except the out of proportion sleeves.  I don't care for the "oversized styling" of the moment.

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I love this jacket.  The color is right up my alley and I am a fan of wide's about time. (I need a wider sleeve)


I have 100% wool coats that are many years old, so I know that Natural fabrics are warm and they last. My daughter is wearing a 100% wool coat of mine that is 35 years old and it looks brand new, so I think the price is spectacular.


If I needed a new coat, I would buy this one in a New York minute.  It is almost impossible to find a 100% all natural fiber anything today, especially a coat.

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Simply put, no.
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Wow, and not in a good way! I love the color and the fabric, but that is where the accolades stop for me. The length and fit are odd, and would not be figure flattering on me. Even the tall, slim model is not selling it. I usually appreciate fashion forward garments, just not this one.



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I like the color but I hate that belt. It reminds me of one of those swimming pool foam noodles. LOL!!!

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In the 2nd photo the woman is dressed like a clown.  The jacket is a pretty color but I would not purchase.

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Re: Would you wear this?

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It's pretty (love the lilac color), but the lack of practicality would outweigh that.  I need pockets to put my hands in and this doesn't have that.  


It's also too short and the sleeves are too voluminous.  Those things, coupled with the fact that it's lined in polyester (per the Revolve site), negating the breathability of the wool/silk combo, would make it a no for me.


I do still have a very old (from the 70s, I think?) French, deep pink wool, topper that I still wear.  It has, for some reason, very long sleeves.  I always overlooked that bit of annoyance because I loved the coat so much.   It also has an attached scarf-like closing at the neck that can close with a brass D-ring, and every time I wore it when getting on a flight, the brass would trigger the scanner.  Oh, how we suffer for fashion!  

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If I were to spend that amount on a jacket, it would most definitely not be that color. First, I don't like it; second, it's one of those things that I'd feel a little weird wearing more than once with the same friends or relatives.


I think the style is also not at all attractive.

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