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Love it and would happily wear it based on the fabric content alone, but I think the color is jewel-like, helpful for me with my gray-chalk white skin and burned newspapers colored hair.

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I would like the jacket if it were tweaked a little bit.  First off, I don't really care for those self tied rope-like belts.  Looks cheap to me.  And the sleeves (sleeves are having a fashion moment right now), are just a little too wide for the style of this jacket.  The color is fine, the material is fine, pockets, seaming - all that is fine.  I agree w/the poster this jacket would look great with a monocromatic outfit - maybe all black or all white or even atop a more colorful matching outfit.


The way they have the jacket styled here with the wild print pants, chunky shoes, crazy sunnies, and orange top is too wacko for me.  Maybe the mixed up look is going to be big in the Spring.  I am not a fan.  I like things to match.

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Not for me. I know big sleeves are trending, but paired with all the tailoring on the front of the jacket it simply looks ill-fitting and sloppy.


Even if a style I loved, the color is a deal breaker for me.

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Re: Would you wear this?

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I personally love the wool/silk combo.  I miss natural fibers.   Unlike synthetic fibers, they breath.  Not trap heat under the clothes and over heats  you or not warm enough. Lately (like leather) they have gone through the roof in costs.  I especially love silk.  My favorite along with high grade cotton. I've been spoiled by Supima cotton.

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Absolutely no! Color is perfectly fine. The cut of the jacket is just not my style.

The fit/cut of the entire outfit looks clumsy. Just totally unattractive to me. Not colors, style and fit.
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I LOVE the style and the color is OK.  if I were to own/wear this coat, it would have to be a different color.

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Re: Would you wear this?

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Like the color, but wouldn't wear at $417.  Nothing I wear, is in that area.

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I really love it and the color family of anything purple is my fav.  Especially like the belted look the best.  The cost is worth it if you are still enjoying many years from now.  I bought a leather jacket in 1990 and still wear today. 

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I think it's cute but it looks ill-fitting to me.  It's not something I would buy because for that price, I need something more classic, not trendy.

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I'd wear that in a NY minute.  I really like, I love the color.