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Would you wear this?

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It's from Nanushka   It's a belted wool and silk jacket blend.And the color....  Purple is not my favorite color, (at least as a coat)   It does get the attentkon though.  Because they are natural fibers.....expensive  $417.00 (40% off at Nordstrom)




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I think the color is beautiful, I have a lilac Kate Spade handbag and I love it. I could see this jacket over a monochromatic turtleneck and pants combo, would be so pretty.

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I think the color is gorgeous!  But I do not care for the whole outfit --- yuck.  And the jacket is pricey.  Too much for me!  

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Sleeves seem to wide. It's a pretty color. 

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No  I would not. I prefer a more tailored look ,with the pocket  flaps and the belt ,it has just too much going on for my taste. It would wear me

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I agree.  Didn't notice that at first, but those sleeves are seriously big Cat LOL


It was the color that attracted me, but the outfit is not my taste.

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It's not my style.

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No, I would not because the color is too showy, too bright.


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 I woudnt wear it for 2 reasons.. Too short of a coat and I couldnt afford it to begin with..

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