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Whoever invented skinny jean/pant and cold shoulders.....Boo.

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@Ann n TN wrote:

Whoever invented skinny jean/pant and cold shoulders.....Boo.

To each their own. No one will force you to purchase or wear either item. 


I happen to LOVE and look great in skinny jeans.

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I now take the cold shoulder style as a bad omen. They became perfect for wearing to our Covid vaccinations.

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Distressed jeans and other distressed clothing.   White shoes.

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Whenever my husband sees someone in public in ripped/distressed jeans, he wonders out loud if there are wolverines in the area.   Smiley Happy

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Pajamas worn as street clothes....NO!!

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Men Wearing socks with sandals.....noooooo!

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pouring someone who is a size 14 into pants or dresses that are a size 12

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While I think some fashion is really bad, I think it's not so much that as it is who wears it.


Many women don't take into account their height, weight, body type, colors, correct size, and age, when choosing what looks best on them.  


Just because we might like something doesn't mean we'll look good in it.    

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I still like and find cute a lot of fashion items that I know within every inch of my being that I am way, way too old to wear!  Just because my body could fit into these things does not mean that I should wear them!  To me -- these things would warrant a Worst Fashion Award!  

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