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Another vote for LLB- @mintedrose


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@lolakimono  I'll take that as well as the bearer of the bag!

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Stay away from old fuddy duddy briefcases, men don't carry those today and if wanted one, he'd already have one.  My son in law is teacher so he carries lots of stuff, he had the same back pack since he was in college.  It's time and come and  Last year for his birthday, we gave him a Kenneth Cole bag that he could use as top handle, shoulder bag or back pack.  Anti theft, tons of room but very light.  Canvas or microfiber.  My husband carries a messenger style bag.  Most men carry some type of bag to work because they carry as much stuff as we do.  You should go to  

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I bought my husband a messenger bag 2 years ago at Etsy.  I wanted to get him a nice one (I was thinking about either Coach or Tumi).   He didn't want a "fancy" one.  So I looked at Etsy and was really surprised by the selection and craftsmanship.

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i keep telling dh i'm getting him a murse. he says no way, but i like to point out clearly macho guys on tv carrying them.  we'll see. 

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Thanks for the ideas ladies! You rock. He has a backpack but he uses that when we travel and he has that nylong bag for laptops and such but he doesnt really like using it. Im guessing its too bulky. I liked a couple of tumi ones and will look into LLB as well. I love the distressed rugged look and I think he might too. The buckles could be cumbersome but will see. 

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