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Anyone else notice the change in quality of the pants?  The cotton / spandex mix seems to now include nylon.  I order the set of 2 contol waist and the fabric is definetly thinner.  Also the flare bottom were supposed to be 31 inches but they are 29 just like the straight leg.  Needless to say they are going back.  Very dissapointed Renee.  The year old pants I have are among my favorite.  Not the case with the new ones.  Once again quality down the drain....

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Another disappointed customer.  I recently ordered A284093 to get a smaller size and the quality has definitely gone south.  The sizing was already so inconsistent with my past orders, it was hard to determine what size to get, but these pants are definitely not the value they should be.  I've certainly given this line plenty of chances.  Done!  Moving on.

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Re: Women With Control

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It's been a while since I purchased any WWC pants ...but I have noticed that there's a bit of difference in fabrics.  Some of them are a lighter weight than others.  For me, that's not a problem.  I wear the lighter weight in warm weather, the heavier in colder weather.  


I didn't look at fabric content .. but a bit of nylon would help with color retention on blacks.

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This is so disappointing! I have a few pairs of WWC bottoms, and have thought they were the best deal(s) of any of my Q purchases; well-made and priced right. The newest pair I have, though, is probably one year old, with others being two or more. Thanks to the posters on here, I'll have to really think about buying more in the future. In fact, my two favorite bottoms are Renee's and Spanx - and Renee offers colors!