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I have worn an underwire bra my whole life. I am interested in trying a wireless bra. What is the best wireless bra for large breasted women
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I hate them because the underneath band is always and rolls up on me.  I like with wires better.


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I can't stand bras with wires and I only will wear wireless bras and although I'm not large I like Bali and Jockey.

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I will be interested in the replies...My bra size  is 32G...I have to wear an underwire but would consider one with out if it worked...I need the support.

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@Mom2Dogs    I buy an Anita Active in 32G from my local fitter.  With tax about $90 each.   I can buy bras marked our size for less, but they aren't the same -  some don't fit me at all and none that come at least close are comfortable and make my clothes fit as well as the Anita.   


Also, the fitter I use owns the shop.  She is committeed to service that maintains her business.  She's a marked difference from even clerks who have gotten nice raises in the last few years!

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I have tried numerous wireless bras, and always return them. I can't stand the material on the bottom of the bra. Wire bras do not have all that material on the bottom.

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I switched from underwire bras to wirefree bras a couple of years ago.  I've been buying Jockey bras.  Very comfortable.  Good support.  I could never go back to underwire.

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Walcol is the standard.  Dillards sells them, there will be other places.

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I wear both underwire and wirefree bras.  If I want to look my best, I always wear an underwire bra.  Some wirefree bras give me a uniboob look.  I have been happy with a Vanity Fair bra that is lightly lined and has cups, even though I am large busted. The lining does not seem to "add", and the separate cups give a more attractive look for me at nearly 75 years old.

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@millieshops    Hmmm, I have never heard of that brand, I will have to see  if I can find them on line.  thanks!