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Re: William & Kate Honor Irish Guards

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@Chrystaltree wrote:

She likes that dark forest green color, it doesn't photograph well.  It probably looks better in person.  Her outfit is a little too "costumey" to thought of as fashion. It was thought up and designed for this particular occasion and it works.      

I'm curious what you thought was costumey about this ensemble.  The Duchess wore this coat before during the holidays.  Hats are worn in the UK for many occasions, particularly those involving church or when wearing dress coats.


I think  everything about this outfit is perfection.  I've commented before about her hairdresser and what a beautiful job she does styling the future queen's hair.


The Irish Wolf Hound is adorable.


Last spring we were in Ireland and visited a farm that had a liter of 5 IW puppies.  They were 5 weeks old and beyond adorable.  We "met" both the mother and father of the pups.