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Re: Why do wear a bra to bed?

Completely agree with picco & Jerseygirl. I'm in my mid-forties with a 36C chest and have worn genie bras (or genie-type bras) to bed since my 20s. The girls are not sagging, even after having kids. I think there's something to be said for having the support at night. 


Another advice "gem" I received in my early 20s was to use sunscreen and eye cream daily. 

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Re: Why do wear a bra to bed?

@occasionalrain wrote:

A bra? I don't know why someone would wear anything to bed. Why would anyone want clothing bunching up about them? I have silk pajamas I wear before I go to bed and put on when I get up, or if a fire would happen.


This is too funny.  Do you really think you would have enough time, in the event of a fire, to get up, find your pajamas and put them on?  Then, hope there is enough time to locate the nearest exit that is not enveloped in flames or overcome with smoke? AND hope you are able to find said exits because you wouldn't be able to SEE anything, due to the smoke and fire?

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Re: Why do wear a bra to bed?

Growing up, my parents expected us to have a plan. They would ask, what's your plan if the car breaks down, your date goes South, you hate your teacher, someone tries to grab your handbag, tries to abduct you... So, I always have a plan. I keep my bedroom door closed and locked, have smoke alarms, my pajamas are under my pillow, spare car keys on my bedside table, have shrubbery planted under my bedroom windows to land in when, in case of a fire, I exit through one of them.