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Re: Why do designers on the Q ....

I have not had this issue at all, and I own several of the IM sweaters, G Simonton tops, and D&C sweaters and tops.  They are all the perfect sleeve length for me, and I am just under 5'-6".  I am sorry that others have this problem though.

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Re: Why do designers on the Q ....

@Kitty Galore wrote:

make the sleeves on jackets and coats sooooo long!?  I am so tired if having to get my sleeves shortened everytimeni purchase a coat or jacket.  Otherwise I have to cuff and sometimes double cuff which look terrible.  I think qvc should start offering petites so that the sleeves would be the perfect length.  Please designers start offering petites !

***************************************************The designers are trying to fit more customers.  You can always alter a jacket or pants fairly easily and every alterations person considers this a basic service.  It's much more complicated when you have a zipper at the end of a sleeve, then the whole thing has to be torn out and it's very expensive.  The better option would be to construct the inside of the cuff so you could turn it up if you choose.