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I like both ! Online shopping is convenient and necessary as I’m not close to good shopping. However, when I get to TJ Max, I just love hunting for a bargain. 

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@LoveMyBaby wrote:



I agree. Way more bang for your buck by purchasing local and at a B&M store. Cost nothing to try it on. Plus your helping (your local) economy too. Too many stores closing. Many of the tops sold at the Q for 40-50 bucks a pop you can get for 14.99 as a general rule, Kohls, Marshall's, Dressbarn, etc, etc.

Dont ya just love a bargain? I do, sounds like you did good👍🏼🙌🏼

I think this everytime I'm in Marshall's perusing the tops.  So many great ones, and SO inexpensive.  I buy a lot of them.


I also buy online, and it's just because it's another option and very easy to click that "BUY" button. But usually it's much more expensive.


I think sometimes the B&M shopping is a little tiring for me, and I hate having to go into the dressing rooms, hate having to change out of my clothes, hate looking at myself in those dreadful mirrors with those miserable lights that make me look 100 years old.


I do like the idea of trying to keep these B&M stores going.  I would hate to have them disappear.  I still do enjoy shopping in stores.



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Guess I'm just lucky.  My local mall has a number of very nice stores that have clean dressing rooms and some of the nicest sales people I've ever met.  I love shopping there - they don't charge me to try on the merchandise, and there's no restocking fee. I'm treated with courtesy and respect.  The stores are very clean, well stocked and nicely arranged.  No complaints from me about my B&M stores. But I do shop online often as well.  I enjoy both.

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They each have their pros & cons....


I went shopping last week in Chicos.  I bought three tops @ 40% off plus another 5% for being a passport member.  Eveything in the store was 40% off including jewelry. You will rarely see a sale like that here.  Plus it's free to try on!


However I just don't have the energy to look in person at a lot of B&M stores.   They will often be out of my size which can get frustrating!  Not to mention that I can cover more ground buy buying online....I just hate paying a lot for shipping & returns!



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A clean dressing room how about one that is bigger than a broom closet and the lighting? The lighting is so bad you come out feeling terrible about how you look!!!! No, No & No to trying clothes on in the B&M's. No!!! 

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I enjoy shopping in the stores as I have to try everything on.  I have purchased tops and clothes from QVC and have had to return some and kept some as I was lucky it fit as I guessed on the size.  I enjoy shopping so I prefer to go to the stores. Lately, I have had luck at Sears and when you make a purchase, you get points and then I use the points on the next purchase.  It has worked out great for me.  They  have such nice shoes there.  I just recently bought black sandal heels and went back to get them in red and while I was there, I also bought a light beige closed in shoe which is very pretty.  I even got a discount off the purchase so that was so good.  Sears is a good old store and I like to see it stick around so I like doing my part.

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I used to love going to the mall.  These days, I prefer on line shopping.  I know my measurements and can find a color or style relatively quickly.  After working a 50 hour week, the last thing I want to do is search the mall.  Someday I may return to the mall.


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The glamour, fun of B&M shopping is gone. As others have mentioned: Zero service. I hate going into a dressing room, trying several things on, yes, too small,dirty & the lighting sucks, and then having to get dressed again to find other sizing.


No one is there to offer help in the dressing rooms. Who wants to walk outside the room to get a better look at a 3 way mirror? No One!!! I hate trying clothes on & I won't. Love online shopping and free S&H. Nordstrom! Yes! Even they have terrible dressing rooms!!

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I do both. But as a plus size and not on the smaller end, many stores will only sell bigger sizes online (looking at you Old Navy) so I can't just go to any store I want. I also don't have a car so online is extremely convenient. The last time I was in a store, it was Kohl's last Saturday. The clothing aisles were crammed together, the dressing rooms were atrocious, and the plus selection was little to be desired. It is nice to go out and look and try things in person, but not everyone has that luxury.
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I love online shopping, but QVC shipping has been TERRIBLE for me!  I ordered the Mally Big Deal.  It has been "In Process" for 6 days.  I have attempted to cancel the order.  We'll see what happens.  I am not willing to put up with the shipping issues anymore.