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Years ago I bought three wrinkle resistant shirts from LE. They wear like iron. I don't know what their quality is like now but if you see something call in and speak to one of the CS people. They still are like a catalougue company and have lots of info. I finally learned why I can't wear a petite in a coat and lots of other things. Great sales right before Xmas.

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You can't beat the Foxcroft wrinkle free also available at Appleseeds, Tog Shop and

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If you buy the right size it will be fine. Working at a bank you should be wearing professional attire not skin tight , trying to show off everything you have clothes.

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LOVE the shirts from Antonio Malonio At Dillard's the best!  Unsurpassed quality, I'd put it against RL any day!

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i too love the foxcroft brand.  the best white shirts i've ever bought.

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Try Land's End.

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I looked up foxcroft and they're a little on the pricey side.
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I was also going to suggest a white cami underneath......... but you beat me to it. 


Another vote here for Ralph Lauren no-iron shirts.  They are pricey, but I buy mine at their outlet for about $25-30 each (if you have an outlet mall anywhere close.....)  Great quality and wash well.  Never wrinkle!



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@tiggery wrote:
Hi ladies. I'm starting a new job in a bank and I need to find a decent looking white button down shirt. But I have a larger bust, so the bust button concerns me staying buttoned. Do you have any shirt suggestions? Thanks!

@tiggery Is that a uniform your bank requires? If it isn't you don;t need it to look professional. There are many clothes that will flatter you out there. I worked in a bank for eighteen years, dressed beautifully, and never had or wanted one. 


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Men's shirt?  How would a men's shirt accommodate a full BUST?  I would suggest that you go to a couple of the better stores and try on white button down shirts.  Try shirts that are size larger than your normal size.  When you find one that fits your bust area, take it to a dressmaker or tailor to have it taken in to fit you just right.