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Hi ladies. I'm starting a new job in a bank and I need to find a decent looking white button down shirt. But I have a larger bust, so the bust button concerns me staying buttoned. Do you have any shirt suggestions? Thanks!
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Try looking at men's shirts, they are thicker material wise and give you more room in the chest.

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I have found Orvis to have some great quality button down shirts. Heavier fabrics that lay nice, not skimpy and they iron nice and look great throughout the day.

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I'm sorry that my 2 suggestions are shirts that aren't from here. The first is the Wrinkle Resistant shirt from T * l b o t s (I'm not sure I can say the name so I replaced the "a" with an *). It is a great shirt; a bit fitted so allow for that in your sizing. The other brand is Foxcroft which is available at N * r d s t * m website. (again, replaced the "o" with an *). Both are good quality fabric and they also do a good job of buttonhole placement which helps prevent the gap at bustline. I work at the second place and we have always sold a lot of that brand.


Good luck at your new job! A great, crisp white shirt is a "must-have" for a business wardrobe.

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Look at the Linea collection here on QVC, he has at least 3 different white shirts. His shirts are very nice.
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Chico's effortless white shirts.....wonderful, no iron.

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Belk dot com seems to have a fairly good selection.

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Your bra will make all of the difference when wearing a button down shirt.  If you haven't been fitted in a while, you might want to consider having that done and making sure you are in the correct size and that it is positioned properly on you.


Your button downs will fit nicely.


I have found that Ralph Lauren button downs are the best in terms of where the buttons fall.  But you pay for that engineering.  They aren't cheap.

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Re: White button down

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I've been known to sew the placket closed between the chest area buttons!  I do this because I can't get the safety pin quite right.  I'm serious, but LOL!  I think the Nordstrom Foxcroft brand is worth a look.  Maybe something in Graver's liquid knit would be more forgiving/stretchy?  Could you get away with wearing a tank underneath with the top buttons unbuttoned?


Congrats on the new job.



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Thank you for the suggestions ladies! I appreciate it. I'm hoping I could get away with wearing a white cami underneath. I've thought about SG, but her sizing seems to be all over the place.