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 I would have a shmutz on it before I left the house.

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@Greeneyedlady21, if you are attracted to a white blazer, then get one for yourself!  You deserve it.  And a blazer, styled in a classic manner, never goes out of style.

There’s nothing new under the sun, as they say.  And think of all the classic styles that have gone “in and out” and “out and in.”  The paperclip necklace?  Designed by Coco Chanel in costume elements. Jackie O drooled over this necklace and finally got one in an auction.

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I have 3 glorious white/ivory Linea blazers, all a bit different, and a Ralph Lauren linen one.  All are washable, and come out great, easy to take care of but I have never had a visible schmutz on mine, just normal wear and soil.


They are a great investment as they can be styled to be very dressy and polished, or work appropriate, or very casual which is how I wear mine now that I am retired.  But I know I could always pull together a super cool dressy look with one of them in a moment!


Loved all the looks with white blazers posted here too.  I agree that all blazers are making a big comeback this year.


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One of my favorite looks for this time of year is a beautifully tailored, but simple lines of an optic white blazer, a simple white t-shirt underneath, and a pair of medium shade slim-fitting jeans.  It's so stylish to me!

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@Meowingkitty wrote:

Pretty but I don't wear white anything. No shirts, not jeans, shoes, socks. Heck, I don't even wear white underwear. Plus I couldn't wear it until maybe a few days in December/January.

@Meowingkitty   Me, too!    I look AWFUL in white.    I don't own a white "anything".....   Don't even have white walls.....the only white things in here are the plumbing, and it costs too much to change it.

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@Greeneyedlady21 - You should definitely get one! I have a summer and a winter  ivory one that I used to wear a lot to trainings, workshops, meetings, etc. Like others here I would love to be able to wear pure white, but I have warm coloring, so I can't. I never worry about what's current or not; I buy what makes me happy!  Smiley Happy


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Re: White Blazers

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@gtx wrote:

I love white blazers and white denim jackets. I'm the palest of pale and I just add blush and a little color with my makeup. White throws light on you face so you look like you have your own personal lighting.

You can't send them to the dry cleaners. They will come back grey. So you have to be able to wash them yourself.

@Greeneyedlady21 I agree with @gtx . I don't believe you need a lot of color to wear white or I certainly hope not! LOL I have a ridiculous number of white blouses (no such thing as too many) and a couple of white jackets and I like the way I look in white.

I have always liked the look of a structured blazer

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One reason I love white blazers and jackets is that I can wear any color or pattern with them.  A fancy blouse or a tee shirt.  Anything goes!   

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I like the look, but knowing me I would most likely get it dirty every time I wore it.  My white blouses are in constant danger when I have them on.

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I don't wear blazers but .... I love the look of white jackets.  I have two white denim jackets and a white raincoat, and a white faux fur coat.


I wore the short white jean jacket yesterday with a pale yellow turtleneck and indigo denim pants/indigo/white sneakers ...  I haven't taken out the white pants or white shoes yet!