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Whisper Knit Boyfriend cardigan

Hello I am not familiar with this line at all so hoping an "expert" can help me on this item A251578. 1) it states hand wash but can you wash this on delicate cycle? 2) is this light weight or heavy weight? I am looking for something to wear over my summer tops at work but don't want anything too heavy. Tia
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Re: Whisper Knit Boyfriend cardigan

Many of us wash our whisper knits in the delicate cycle. I wash inside out in a "lingerie" bag. After washing I remove from bag and toss in the dryer for about 5 mins. on low heat. Then, while it's still warm, I lay it out flat to dry. I have a drying rack for sweaters that accommodates 5 sweaters, so that's how many I can wash at a time.

I have never had a problem with shrinking, pilling or fading using this method. I am fussy about laundry and don't mind taking some extra care, but I think hand washing is for the birds.

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Re: Whisper Knit Boyfriend cardigan

I wash my whisper knits like crdlb does; I have never had a problem. There have been a couple of times I have accidently put them in the dryer until they were completely dry. Some minimal shrinkage has resulted, but very minor and not noticeable and no damage at all. These whisper knits are perfect for year 'round wear, IMO. They are nice and you will love them.

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Re: Whisper Knit Boyfriend cardigan

I have two Linea cardigans in Whisper Knit A233940. My only two Linea pieces. I wash mine on the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. They come out beautiful. I wore them all winter with no shrinking, no stretching, no pilling. I wear cardigans year round that this Whisper Knit is a year round knit.

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Re: Whisper Knit Boyfriend cardigan

As for the "lightness" of the BF cardigan, it's an ENR knit so it's a bit heavier than the classic Linea whisper knit cardigan. I'd say it's a three-season sweater, but really, if you need to throw something over your shoulders in an air-conditioned restaurant or theater, it works even in summer. The longer length is wonderful. I own three of these cardigans (taupe, navy & red) with matching tanks and reach for them again and again!

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Re: Whisper Knit Boyfriend cardigan

Yes, the Whisper Knits can be washed on the delicate cycle with no problem. I usually put mine in the dryer for a few minutes with no heat, then hang them to dry on a drying rack.

The Boyfriend Cardigan is a GREAT sweater, but it might be a bit heavy for wearing during the summer months-unless your office is freezing (which is often the case). Some lighter-weight options in Whisper Knit are:

A233940 long sleeve cardigan

A233950 open front cardigan

A253409 short sleeve cardigan

Happy shopping! I'm sure you will enjoy whatever you purchase-the Whisper Knits are wonderful.

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Re: Whisper Knit Boyfriend cardigan

Thanks to all of of you, I very much appreciate the input. I think I will try one, thanks again ladies!