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Where o where are the size charts???

Where are they? Watched the entire hour of Modern Soul AND Sport Savvy. No where.
As one of 19 million underserved U.S. residents who lives in rural America, we have limited internet connection. Think of twenty to thirty years ago with dial up internet. It is a big deal to look up items for sizing equivalents which could easily be handled by offering a size equivalency chart during the presentation--several times. Isaac offers this as a few others do but too many offer nothing. Not all of us have the good fortune to have access to the internet to check out each item. Length of garments would also be helpful. Actual measurements, not simply saying repeatedly that Petites and Talls are offered. One vendor has petite at 24 inches while another has it at 27 or even 29 inches. Those are huge differences. Talking about how to wear and where to wear an item for most of a presentation is pointless if the actual measurements are not offered.
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Re: Where o where are the size charts???

No one with influence to make that change reads these posts.  


Our suggestions just don't go anywhere.


You can try:


*Feedback at the bottom of this page.

*Suggestion Box at the left of the page.

*QVC's Facebook page.  

*Call CS and ask if your suggestion could be sent      to the appropriate person if they can do that.  


Still, no promises you will get your wish.  

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Re: Where o where are the size charts???

when I do find the size chart it's always unreadable. Size large has a chest size of 22 that seamstress lingo doesn't do me any good


then, when you want to look at something that was just aired you will see

"image not availble right now"  how in the world is a sales business gonna sell anything if you can't see it?


what a way to run a busisness guess we're all stupid enough to keep watching. LOL

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Re: Where o where are the size charts???

I never have a problem reading or interpreting the garment measurements and find them to be very accurate.  Its great to have them after ordering from websites and catalogs where there's little help at all.


It's the producer who decides whether or not to show measurements.  Maybe they didn't have a chance to get them on the new lines.  They'll never see a complaint here.

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Re: Where o where are the size charts???

I have noticed a few items that have no sizing information. Actually there is much less product information in general online. Measurements for non clothing items is important as well. Usually it is the lesser known clothing brands that have little sizing info available.
We do have decent internet though. We have friends that live in an area that has no typical internet. They have found alternative methods of getting service though since working at home has become a thing.
When television shopping first began they offered much more onscreen information. Now I guess they assume that the entire country is as well served as the cites are. That is so untrue. There is a big world between LA and NYC and much of it is rural.