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Where do you find fashion inspiration?

Not shopping -- inspiration.  I used to devour the thick August and September fashion magazines. Now that's over.


So much about looking nice is the styling. Putting different pieces together creatively. I'm not talented in that area. I can shop my own closet but I want to look contemporary.


Watching a shopping channel is too slow. I enjoy the website of a store in my area called Skirt - Bryn Mawr.


Where do you find inspiration?

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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

Mostly from my email InBox from Anthropologie,  Coldwater Creek, Sundance, department stores, etc. When I want to see what's coming in the next season, I google and look at the fashion magazines online.

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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

I wear the same thing everyday. Shorts, tee and sneakers in summer, long pants, tee and sneakers in winter, maybe cowboy boots on occasion. I don't go anyplace fancy that requires dressing up. In Arizona you can go to a 5 star restaurant in shorts, flip flops and a tee. I don't even look for what's new in fashion. My inspiration is Costco, LL Bean and Lands End. Even when I worked I wore dark pants and a tee with Clark's shoes every day. I rarely if ever see women wearing fashion statements.

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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

I don't need inspiration--LOL!!  I know what I like, what brands I like and what I want to spend.  I get plenty of emails from various stores so I guess that's my "inspiration."  Never look at the fashion magazines.  They are not in touch with my reality!


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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

My brain. 


I love bright colors which I wear all year round in a 4 season part of the country.

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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

Soft Surroundings and Chico's reflect my taste in clothing. I dress daily in soft Foxcroft shirts worn open with a tee beneath and long pants or jeans. My days of needing to make a fashion statement are behind me. I buy practical pieces these days. I just ordered D&C wide leg beach pants again. They are so comfy I decided I needed a third pair.

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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

I still read Vogue in the Fall and watch a few YouTube videos of new Ralph Lauren but I like tailored simple designs and natural fabrics I have always gravitated to. Trendy, loud prints, inexpensive rayon and polyester have no appeal for me, so nothing will change very much. 

Silhouettes change, however subtly. A coat I bought ten years ago will not necessarily carry over to 2023. So I plan to replace my camel hair winter coat.

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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

I'm still a huge fan of fashion magazines...Vogue, Bazaar, etc. and subscribe to many but I find inspiration looking in the windows on 5th Ave in NYC and the mannequins in Saks.  Their stylists have such talent for putting together unique looks. I take certain pieces that work for me. I love fashion so this works for me.

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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

I have found that everything I like to wear I can find at JJill. Their petite line is perfect and the small and extra small sizes fit me (tops and bottoms). I love the styles and the consistency in sizing is a major reason why I return to JJill often. There is a store in my town so it is very convenient. I do shop at QVC for some clothes. I just purchased a white denim jacket (Women with Control) and I love it. I originally ordered size medium ( small wasn't available)but because it was too big, the minute it came up on line in size small I ordered it. I didn't wait to return the original purchase so although it cost more to do it this way, I am glad how it worked out.  I never do that but this jacket is worth it. JJill is my go to for shopping.

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Re: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

I'm a people watcher and love street style.

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