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Where are the tall pants, Susan?????

C'mon, Susan and QVC, where are the tall inseams? It's not like they don't sell. They always sell out first. Obviously, the extra couple of inches costs more, but surely the difference is made up on the petites. If it is the cost, at least do 32" for a tall.

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Re: Where are the tall pants, Susan?????

I am surprised as well.  I found this posting almost five years up early to find tall pants to go with today's SVD and none to be had, especially in the larger X sizes.  Love these pants, are my go-to's, but where did they go?  7-9-15? 


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Re: Where are the tall pants, Susan?????

It seems like all of the tall pants disappear on Q (if they are EVER offered that is). My fave D&C tall leggings that I've purchased for many,many years have vanished. The IM talls sold out FAST and were never reordered! Talls MAYBE show up once and immediately sell out (sometimes a few sizes remain but never my size darn it!) and never make a return appearance. I don't get it. If they sell out so fast why not order more?