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Re: Where are the summer clothes?

@cah wrote:

I've lost some weight and gave my white jeans to my daughter.
I need some white pants for summer and there's none to be found here.
It's not even warm yet, and they're gone.

It's so frustrating. I hate trying on things, I'm getting old (76) and it's so tiring for me. I know what size I wear in Denim and company.

OK, I guess I'm done whining! 

Congratulations on your weight loss.  I wanted a pair of white pants that would be different than the norm.  I found these on a trip and ordered them (Escapada Living) when I got home.  At 5'-3", these hit me at the ankle.  They are gorgeous.


Side Tab Capri Pant


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Re: Where are the summer clothes?

Qvc is done with summer, to be fair, all retailers are done with summer.  It's markdowns only because the fall clothes are coming out now.   Qvc starts selling summer clothes in January and Februray when most of the country is battling snow storms and single digit temperatures so we don't pay any attention to "final order of the season" white jeans, crops and tee shirts.  Not when we are buying Valentines Day chocolates.  I admit, it's weird seeing Qvc sell dark heavy knits and sweater coats when it's 90 degrees outside like today.  I'm set for summer and there are some great markdowns out there so I don't care what QVC is selling.  I start shopping for Fall in late August, early September and that's when I'll start watching QVC fashion shows. 

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Re: Where are the summer clothes?

In the sale and clearance sections.


Of course next.. Is back to school/ back to college and then the holiday ridiculousness will be begin... And we are back to square one again after the clearance stuff of January, which seriously seems to go forever. 

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