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I happened to flip on the Project Runway AllStars show last night, which is heavily sponsored by QVC, and it made me wonder where Mark Zunino has been?? I'm hoping the powers-that-be at QVC see this post. Mark has such a wonderful sense of knowing what shapes and designs flatter a woman's body best. I get really tired of seeing these singers and actors that suddenly become designers take up space on the shopping networks and unload a bunch of junk (in my opinion) while taking away time that designers like Mark or Dennis Basso could use better. QVC, I get it: you want the "big name" people to draw attention to your channel. I get that's just business. But please don't forget that the reason why most of your customers stick around is for the people like Mark who give us what we really want. PLEASE BRING MARK ZUNINO BACK!!!

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I miss Mark too! I think he's a wonderful designer and I don't think we see enough of him. I hope we see some new things from his line in the spring.

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One endeavor that he is pursuing is designing-using his name- bridal gowns that Kleinfields sells. Recently had a trunk show that you can see on Lisa Robertson's new facebook page. Q probably doesn't offer him a good enough outlet to sell things. He needs to make a living, ya know. His items are beautiful.

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Some of his items were shown on an early morning fashion show today. They were all on clearance.
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He is probably very busy with his Bridal line for Kleinfelds and making one of a kind designer gowns for special occassions. He posted some he was making on Facebook and also said he was busy with Red Carpet requests etc.

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He's busy doing other things than QVC!

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I saw him and an absolutely gorgeous gown he designed in Say yes to the dress this weekend. He may have too many irons in the fire. I always loved when he and Nolan Miller brought their jewelry to QVC and brought some of their dresses and gowns for the hosts and models to wear. Always something very special for MBR and she would be estatic because she would get to keep it.

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I've seen a few of his gowns on the Red Carpets.

Some of his wedding gowns are stunning.