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Re: When the fashion makes a tall lovely model look like a blob

@StephaniM wrote:

I agree.  I have also seen the beautiful Maria styled to look like a sloppy blob.  That's hard to do for someone as lovely as she is.  Don't the stylist consider the individual shapes and sizes?  



I agree wholeheartedly that the Q 'stylists' are often unkind to Maria and that's across a few lines. They don't exactly do a bang up job with the hosts either!

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Re: When the fashion makes a tall lovely model look like a blob

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 Model Brenda is a tall beautiful slender girl.....but in LOGO she looks like a shapeless blob. Just AWFUL!   She looks anything but CHIC.

There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with looking like a "shapeless blob".  People don't go around with clinging clothing all the time.  Well, MOST people anyway.  People want to wear something comfortable and appropriate for real life.


Real life isn't about obsessing over how you look.  It is about looking nicely dressed and groomed and comfortable and without your parts sausaged in or flapping in the wind in the faces of people you meet. 


Chic?  No.  I don't even think about that for most of real life.  I would look silly where I live--pretentious and out of touch with the culture.  Maybe if you live in NYC you have to be chic to stop out, but now where I live.  

Well, I know I don't want to look like a shapeless blob.  That doesn't mean I wear skin tight clothing either.  I wear comfortable, casual, well-fitting clothes for my body, which does not include Logo or Rinna type designs. Real life.


BTW, no, one doesn't have to be "chic" to go out and about in NYC. Millions of people in NYC wear jeans and tee shirts.  Where do you people get these stereotypes, lol?