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It's even worse now with skype.  The caller is on delay talking to the guest who is on delay with the host.  No one is talking or everyone is talking at the same time.


Maybe calls should be limited for now.  

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I noticed with the Stay at Home time more people invited to call in. Today Leah invited callers and during the Lug segment a caller had several  of the TSV and was actually helpful. Usually I turn the channel as lonely callers going on and on and not even talking about the item. There may be more time to fill with venders not there. Then Kim Belle was summoned to talk and no answer and she said she was ordering her Spenco sandals in lime! I thought that was not professional? 


Many years ago I spoke with Pat and Lee Sands. They asked me about my weather!  I just told them what Inwas ordering as had no experience with it. It was a watch.I am glad not the norm any more.

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Who's Kim Belle?

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Re: When people call in

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@Gorgf I noticed that with Kim too. I turned it of because it was just not in sync. Some of the vendors are better at it than others; probably the same thing with the hosts. 

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I'd like to see the call-ins eliminated.

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Are you bored! And btw it's "expecting".