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Ok ladies!!

So I have a ton of earrings and such and never know when the right time to wear them is. Like I’m an Education Assistant so would it look dumb to wear hoops or something funky at school or is that too much? Do you always wear dangle earrings when your hair is down? Up? Never wear certain things? Mix match colours?! Ugh I need help!!
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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

Wear them whenever you want to—whenever the jewelry makes you feel good or matches your outfit. Don’t let it sit in the box.
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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

Hard to believe some of these posts.  You have jewelry and need instruction as to when to wear it?  Seriously?

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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

I have a ridiculous number of earrings, most of which are hoops of some description. I love hoops and wear them everywhere with everything. I especially like dangles when I’m wearing my contacts, for some reason I don’t really like earrings with glasses. That is just a personal preference and probably silly, but that’s how it is. 🤷‍♀️

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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

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I love jewelry!  I have two wall cabinets of jewelry and wear my earrings (the bolder the better!), a necklace & stacked bracelets everyday when I go out...even if it's to the supermarket.  I prefer dangling earrings and never wear small studs or posts anymore.  You just can't see them hidden under my hair.


If I worked at a school as a teacher I would still wear jewelry but maybe tone it down a bit so it's not distracting.   

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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

I wear jewelry whenever I go out.  I don't wear good rings at home because I don't want them damaged.   Housework will crack a prong.

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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

I wear my jewelry daily, @MrsZed, whether I'm going out or not.  I think your hoops would be fine at school, as long as they are not giant, 4 inch "Duel in the Sun" kinds of hoops, ha.


I don't wear earrings very often, but usually a ring or two, my steel watch, and several bracelets.  I often layer different lengths of necklaces.


I sometimes mix silver and gold, sparingly, but more likely to stick with silver. 


If you ever have concerns about whether what you put on is "too much",  you'll never go wrong removing a piece or two.  I've done that.  But by all means, enjoy your jewelry-- it's meant to express your personality, or just your mood at the time...



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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

I wear some kind of jewelry everyday no matter where I am.  Even working in the garden.  I wear it at work of course.  I only own fine jewelry.  Mostly 18K , some of it quite expensive.....but that never stopped me from wearing it.  

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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

I wear jewelry every single day,  I wear whatever I want.

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Re: When do you wear jewelry?!?

I'm never without my jewelry.  Always wear earrings even when I workout.  Only take them off to sleep since they bother me while sleeping.  I wear an 18k gold diamond necklace 24/7.  Never ever take it off.  I wear lots of bracelets together mainly cuffs and bangles.  I love jewelry and mix and match to my heart's delight.  I think it all goes together.  Don't be afraid to experiment you just might be surprised at the results.