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NOT a hefty Christmas sweater, that's for sure! 


I zipped through my closet last night and found a stretch velour T-shirt that I've never worn because it has short sleeves, so I think that, with jeans, will be the look of the day.


There were Bermuda length shorts at Church last night, and with the crowds, the AIR CONDITIONER was turned on!!!!


My wish? Avoid heat stroke as you baste your turkey, and---------



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I have switched from my grey pj's to my bright red pj's . . . nobody's coming over so none's the wiser . . . Smiley Wink . . . . enjoy the day my friends!  Heart

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I'm in London and it's plenty chilly here today.


I read that it was 74 in NYC on the 4th of July; today, Christmas, it will top 75. I have yet to hear anyone moaning about the lack of snow!


Hope everyone has a memorable day!

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We are all in shorts!!

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It is predicted to be going up to 87 here in SW Florida and will break the record. Very humid already, and it not even 9AM. Perhaps we should move our Christmas dinner to the pool. Nice for everyone who is here on vacation visiting grandma.

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I will be wearing jeans and a long sleeved tee. We're in Arizona and it's only going to be in the 50's with the lows in the 30's. Fabulous. Nice to have the cold. You guys can have the warm weather as it will be here all to soon. 

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White eyelet 3/4 sleeve blouse, red scarf, capris and sandals.  Easy, a bit of holiday color, and cool enough for our mid-80's humid weather.


Have a wonderful day.

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DH and I attended an 8PM Christmas Eve church service last night. I wore one of my black leather skirts, a 3/4 sleeve black top and heels. They had the AC on and I was quite comfortable. A Merry Christmas to everyone. 

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All my cute holidy outfits are for winter.  Its not winter in CT yet.  68 today so its back to boring gray 3/4 sleeve t shirt and rolled up jeans.  At leasts i have snowflake earrings.      

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I'm having the same problem here in Florida. Too hot for winter clothes. I usually get a few things for holiday events but not this year. 


I say let's all go spend the day with gardensla in London! 


But, in case that doesn't work I'd better come up with something else... All I have so far is maybe black slacks. But maybe jeans. Have no idea what tops to wear. I'm afraid it will be a last minute decision...