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Love Sandra's Bennet's skirt she is wearing today, 7/30/15!!!  Would love to know where she purchased it-Thanks!!!

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It's from Anthropologie.

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It is lovely:


Pintura Ball Skirt
by Geisha Designs



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Very pretty! It looked stunning on Sandra!

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Sandra looked so pretty tonight. I love they way she explains things and the softness of her voice. She needs to be on Monday nights instead of a few others. Love her I actually will watch her shows. 

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Re: What is she wearing????

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Sandra did indeed look stunning.  I too saw her in this gorgeous flowing dress.  I thought it would make a beautiful gown to go dancing in.  Couldn't you see her gliding across the dance floor in this?

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Sandra looked great as always. She is actually my favorite host. She is calm, lets the vendors speak without interrupting them, clearly explains the products she is presenting, and has a great personality.

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Sandra looked gorgeous!!!