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What happened? I don't like anything anymore!

For the first time in years, I don't like anything. Twiggy samo samo. Giuliana over-priced and unrealistic. Hate the pantone colors- esp. citrenne. KJL no way anymore. Quacker Factory samo and ho-hum. J.Rivers garments only for the short and jewelry so degraded in design and quality and over $100+ for an enormous, ugly pin! Nothing in Marc Bouwer. Zoe few items , too expensive and enough already w/i scarves and vests. Instyle mag in the wastebasket. Hardly any detailing on garments. S/H a drag for garment specs that don't work. Jewelry all looks like junk compared to what I got a few yrs ago. Leggings, jackets, shifts, longer-lengths in blouses so you have to buy only for that reason. Nothing exciting. I am buying nothing- a tightwad. Everything I already have is better than what they are all offering. Even B. Mackie nothing to tempt me. Where's the good quality, sophisticated design? Enough already of the "maternity top" looks. And who are they kidding? Noone except for the slim look good in skinny legs and leggings. I do love the comfort of leggings but can find no slacks or jeans to fit. Gilman too lg in waist and the fabric gives me the heebeejeebees. It's the same thing: hide your gut, hide your b--t, and immodest cleavage. UGH.