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What does "forward seam" mean?

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I missed explanation, if there was one, about that regarding Isaac's new prima cotton tee.  I've never ordered anything of his.  Do his sizes run large, small true to size?



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Re: What does "forward seam" mean?

I'll take a shot of explaining forward seam.  If you look closely at the top, you will see a seam come from the side to the front toward the bottom of the top.  I have a d&c top like it.  It's no big deal to me.  I think Isaac runs true to size, but you should check click here measurements.

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Re: What does "forward seam" mean?

@Maggie Nolia  Isaac tops run true to size but always check under the description there is a "click here" for the accurate measurements.

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Re: What does "forward seam" mean?

A forward seam means that the seam is in front of a center side line so it will sit in forward of a regular side seam. A forward seam gives the optical illusion of a thinner body when viewed from the front which is why it's popular in women's tops, pants, or dresses.

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Re: What does "forward seam" mean?

@Maggie Nolia

I searched for a definition of forward seam and couldn’t find one. 

Here is a link to a Q community thread that may provide answers.


I was reading reviews of IM’s TSV shirts and found the reviews were helpful. 

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Re: What does "forward seam" mean?

It creates a more fitted shirt through the front (bust and waist), instead of a more boxy look.  Someone out there, please correct me if I'm wrong! Isaac's shirts usually run true to size, but like others have said, I also check the product's measurements under the "click here" in the description section.

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Re: What does "forward seam" mean?

I don't buy much of anything of Q's fashion dept. - - but I jumped to the computer tonight (SUN) to order 2 of his white prima short sleeve. I have 4 of the long sleeve and have tried to buy more.  Wash well even in warm water and dry in machine.   True to  size - wear like iron.  Won't buy D&Co. any more.

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Re: What does "forward seam" mean?

Forward seams...


...when a top is cut with forward seams then you can see the side seams when looking at it from the front. The effect is that it gives the illusion of being narrow. The way it's cut also lends to a more form-fitting silhouette because there is no traditional side seam to make the garment have extra fabric and bulk on the sides of the top.