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What do you think of A269227???

I'm finishing making all the bridesmaids jewellery and my daughters for her wedding, Next Week!  Oh my~Agh!

Anyway, I had Q on in the background as I just wanted some noise so, I can relax a bit. I saw this sweater....A269227; and I liked it and need some new clothes. 

Well it is brand new so, no feedback reviews or anything to go on. And as is usual these days, I see them talking more about the style, colour, each other...than the actual sizes like they used to do.

it says it's a relaxed fit. And it looked very relaxed on the models. But when I looked at the "click here" measurements I became completely confused. As usual, there are all these seamstress measurements but they did have chest 1" below arm hole. And the closest I could come to hips were "sweep above bottom slit"???

I even called C.S. And they couldn't recommend a size! I'm usually around a 14. But at QVC, I can be a medium or a 1X depending on designer, style, etc. 

if anyone has an opinion, I would love to know what you ladies think about this sweater.   Thanks!

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Re: What do you think of A269227???





 Very cute!

this is by Susan Graver and I'm sorry, but have not ordered so I don't know how the sizing will run.

suggestion: if you were to re-start the thread and add Susan Graver in the title, I'm sure that consistent buyers of her line will help you decide. Good luck!

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Re: What do you think of A269227???

@Gemspirit, I liked this sweater, too! I ordered it in the black/tan combo. If you can wear a M in some items on the Q, I wouldn't go any larger than that. I'm an XXS, XS, or S and got the XXS hoping it isn't too large! Relaxed fit, and it seemed plenty loose on the models. Let us know how it fit if you do buy . . .



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Re: What do you think of A269227???

I like it - especially the blue and the vanilla.  I think it would look great with a skirt or pants.  It would even work with some prints!  I know that trying to figure out the sizing is almost impossible.  I find that most of Susan's tops run big but I've also purchased a few jackets that had really weird proportions from her line. 


I think it looks very modern without being so trendy that you couldn't keep wearing it for years to come.  If you buy it, I hope you love it!

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Re: What do you think of A269227???

It does list the chest measurement 1" below the armhole (last measurement on the list) but it doesn't seem very realistic.  It lists a 1X as being 58" when it's usually 49 or 50", so who knows?

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Re: What do you think of A269227???

i think this sweater is adorable in all colors depending on your preference. as far as the measurements go, i don't own any graver so i really can't help you there, but i think she runs big if i'm not mistaken.