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Re: What do you think? (jumpsuits/overalls)...

I had a stone-washed denim (fitted) jumpsuit, that had metal snaps that I LOVED when I was in my 30's.


Even though jeans were verbotten at my office, I somehow got away with wearing it---and not on casual Friday!


I wore a pair of hot pink spiked heeled pumps, hot pink lip gloss and nails painted same.  lol


I also volunteered at kid's elementary/middle school and if I happened to be wearing that outfit, nuns didn't say a word (to me).Woman LOL


Never owned overalls.


Am very familiar with wearing Nomex coveralls....along with the steel toed boots, hardhat, etc....Have it down to an *art* of bathroom breaks as to tying sleeves together first so nothing touches anything!

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Re: What do you think? (jumpsuits/overalls)...


I love jumpsuits, but I don’t currently own one. I am not a fan of the trend toward jumpsuits that are utilitarian in style. I prefer a dressier full length straight leg jumpsuit - had one like this back in the day. I would buy something like that again.


I never wore overalls and I don’t plan on ever wearing them. Not my style at all.