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Many Louis Dell'Olio items that I have had on my "Wish List."  This is one:


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I just love this!

@alliswell & @Hippiified ,  this is one of my most favorite tops. I have all three of the colors that were originally offered. I thought I'd pick a favorite shade or two and return the third...nope, that didn't happen! I fell in love with each one and can't count how much I've worn them. Always got admiring comments. Fabulous print, dressed up or down. I did size up for additional ease in the shoulders. Mine are a bit broad and didn't want any tightness or upper body pulling with long reaches.  You'll love this shirt! ♡♡♡

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I splurged and bought the new Logo denim jacket in medium wash. I've been wanting one in a longer length and I liked the design. It sold out so I'm glad I got mine. I also bought a Logo top.
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Re: What did you buy?

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I wasn’t really trying but... I got 2 pairs of sandals. Clark’s Leather Heeled Slide Sandals, in Cobalt Blue and Skechers Perforated Suede Slingback Demi-Wedges, in Black. 

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I purchased nothing! 

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Not a thing.
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I decided to give the skinnytees a second try. Being five foot two the straps were too long on the traditional tank but the one they were selling today was more like a sleeveless tee, which I really like, so I'm giving it another try. What did you pick up from Fashion day?

I’ve been thinking about skinnytees, & have decided that they don’t work for me.  

Firstly, I want more control then they offer, but now I think that the  long, straight, tight look coming out from under a shorter top isn’t current looking.  Something looser & swingier now looks more modern to me.  Also, the color I have, nude, just looks like underwear peeking out below.  Just my idea!


I can definitely see how the beige would look like lingerie! If you want a tank with more compression I would recommend Rhonda shear's. They're not as long as the skinny tees either and they're reversible which is nice

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I bought a pair of 24/7 sand color pants for $17 and change.  I wanted to see why they are so popular and the best way to find out is to pay less than $20.

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I ordered a pair of Quacker Factory pedal pushers in 'navy' (A231907)

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I just bought a bag of designer at Dillards.  


I hugged the pup during Fashion Day!

@ECBG   I shared that I bought 3 Karl Lagerfeld jackets and 3 Peter Nygard tanks at Dillard's last Friday.  What did you buy?  No fair not sharing.  Luvz u.

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Nothing on Fashion Weekend.  I went to our little JCP today and got 4 tops and 3 pair of leggings for under $50 with my rewards & coupon.  It’s so much easier to dress when your retired.