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@Carol Diane 

Lol! I get that all the time! Even in real life! I have long legs for my height so it gives the illusion that I'm taller than I am. The downside of that is the straps are too long on the skinny tees 🙄

The upside is that I rarely have to hem a pair of pants

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Three Westbound tops from Dillard’s. Great sale.


I still like to try things on before purchasing.

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Somehow, I wasn't even aware it was a Fashion Weekend.


I bought some books on ebay.

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I knew it was Fashion Weekend & tuned in from time to time. I’ve been “burned” many times by fit & shipping costs to return, so do most of my clothing shopping at the mall or catalogs where I know my size and what’s going to fit. 


Many of the clothing on the models seemed ill-fitting.


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@ECBG wrote:

I just bought a bag of designer at Dillards.  


I hugged the pup during Fashion Day!


@ECBG   I was hugging my pup, too. She lost her “sister” last week & has been quite needy and clinging.

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The weather here in Maryland was terrible this weekend so I left the Q on all weekend (husband doesn't care) and ended up having a great time watching.


I bought Isaac's TSV pants in cappachino and the matching pima top and the blush top. 


As, I mentioned in another post I bought a cotton kimona in denim by Eileen Fisher at 50% off at 


I also bought bareminerals new spring blush in freesia from their new collection. I wear Laura Geller's pink buttercream blush everyday, but I needed a little brighter and ligher color for spring and summer fashions.


The fashion days prompted me to take my spring and summer clothes out and put them on the bed and try everything on. A few things don't flatter anymore and had a few olive oil splats so I need to discard them. Getting ready for spring!

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not one thing, i do not buy fashion on any shopping channel. i dont even watch any of the shows for fashion.

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I ordered the balsam duster from Lisa Rinna and a pair of VC shoes.  

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I was semi-interested in some battery-operated outdoor lights on Q2.... didn't buy them or any fashions either.  I've given up on buying clothes from QVC.  

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Nothing .. did not watch.